What is a Atabey Coffee?

We are a Female-founded, self-funded and 75% operated by a Latinx woman, Atabey is a single origin Dominican specialty coffee roaster in Los Angeles, CA.

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Atabey’s single origin coffee is directly sourced from the farmer.

Located at 1400-1700s meters high, depending on the bean variety. Note that these farms are located near Pico Duarte, the highest peak in the Caribbean.

Ours Roasts

Yellow Honey 8oz

Our Yellow Honey processed caturra coffee bean comes from Las Mercedes Farm at an altitude of 1400 MTS, same farm as our Washed. The mucilage's color changes during fermentation and darkens with time. Yellow honey process...


Black Honey 8oz

Notes: Limoncillo fruit, Peach, Plum 8oz, Whole bean or Whole Black Honey coffee beans also come from Proyecto Pico Duarte Farm at an altitude of 1775MTS. Mieludo Negro or Black Honey takes the longest amount...


Washed 8oz

Notes: Cane Sugar, Cacao, Vanilla Flower, Spices  8oz, Whole bean or Ground Our washed processed coffee bean comes from Las Mercedes Farm at an altitude of 1400 MTS. This process consists of pulping the cherries...

A little over 4 years ago we embarked on a journey of discovery. An eye-opening experience about the Dominican Republic’s coffee scene. Being located in the Caribbean, which is part of the World’s Coffee Belt.